Board of Directors

Lisa Burger

Attorney with public interest law firm the Lexington Law Group; Advisory Council Member of The Crucible, a nonprofit industrial arts education center in Oakland; nonprofit consultant in the areas of nonprofit formation, operations and early strategic development

Benjamin Russell
Treasurer & CTO

Over 10 years of experience in mobile entertainment industry (video and games); background in technology design, project & product management, and application development; media and news maven

Anthony St. George

Assistant Dean of International and Corporate Partnerships at the UC Berkeley College of Engineering; specializes in corporate and international partnerships, academic and non-profit business development and strategy, and individual philanthropy

Marty Caplan

Co-founder of IAM affiliate Mystic Midway; 20 years experience in the professional game industry and the performance and media arts world to innovate and explore how humans use
play to understand their world in concert and opposition with others

Chen Zang

Director of Data Operations at indeni; Ms. Zang is a business leader who helps startups build and grow their sales and operations at various stages through vision, planning, and taking calculated risks