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Circus Bella is a full-force, non-stop kaleidoscope of thrilling feats of balance and strength, elegance demonstrations of grace and poise, and outrageous humor of slapstick antics. The circus showcases static trapeze, rope walking, a 9-person juggling act, contortion, hula hoop, original clowning and more. Founded in 2008 by Abigail Munn and David Hunt, Circus Bella brings the magic of the open-air, single ring to audiences of all ages. The mission of Circus Bella is to create an one-ring circus that resonates with diverse audiences, engages with a broad array of community organizations, and provides a performance experience, at once both challenging and rewarding, for its artists. The music is originally composed and directed by the highly acclaimed Rob Reich and draws from French Waltz, New Orleans Jazz, Klezmer, and American Circus March. Audiences are bedazzled, lifted up, and join in the celebration of the heart of circus: community, joy, and achieving the impossible.

2016 Circus in the Park:


2013 Circus Bella in the Bayview district in San Francisco, California:


Circus_Bella-6211 Circus_Bella-6150

Circus_Bella-6279Circus_Bella-6397 smaller


Photo credits: Ron Scherl