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The College Hill Mural Project is a central component of the College Hill Neighborhood Association‘s (The Lost Tribe of) College Hill Awareness & Beautification Project and its mission to beautify and build awareness of the College Hill neighborhood in San Francisco; to increase usage of the Bernal Cut Path; and to support patronage of the businesses on Mission St. between Appleton Ave. and Bosworth St., mom-and-pop shops that are largely Latino-owned.

In July 2015, the San Francisco Arts Commission approved muralist Josh Talbott’s “Discovery 2” design for placement on a public building managed by the San Francisco Department of Public Works at 3600 Mission at Appleton, at the mouth of the Bernal Cut Path. With grant assistance from the City & County of San Francisco, the final mural was completed in the summer of 2016.

chmp-progress1   chmp-unveiling
Photos courtesy of the College Hill Neighborhood Association