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TCI-TAGLINE-1As the importance of manual work has declined, we’ve seen an erosion of an entire culture of skills, and way of thinking, that once brought creativity, meaning, and a visceral sense of satisfaction to the everyday lives of millions. The Craftsmanship Initiative stands for those determined to create a world built to last. We focus on how craftsmanship’s approach to excellence and its blend of the arts, industry, and science can provide people with opportunities to use their heads, hands, and hearts, in their work and in our culture at large.

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In our online magazine – Craftsmanship Quarterly – you will find dozens of original stories covering traditional artisans as well as innovators in fields such as farming, water use, and manufacturing.

The wafts of consumerism in the air during the holidays are almost impossible to avoid. But there are honorable ways to embrace them, through gifts designed to last a lifetime, and sometimes longer. Welcome to our Winter issue, which features three domains where quality stands the test of time. We begin with fine fountain pens, whose varieties and powers might astound you. We also have a delightful tale from a master woodworker—and more to come.

Picture Nakaya Pens

Photo courtesy of Classic Fountain Pens (

The Perfect Pen

Gorgeous pens have always symbolized the art of writing at its finest—the quintessential combination of beauty, tradition, and skill. But did you ever think of the fountain pen as a tool of environmental consciousness? Our author certainly does. Nonetheless, given the fountain pen’s myriad varieties, and the powers of vintage pens in particular, he shops very selectively, cleans his pens regularly, and searches for (and sometimes even makes) the perfect ink.

Story by Tim Redmond.

Photo courtesy of Northwest Woodworking Studio

A Woodworker’s Tale

In today’s increasingly automated world, why bother toiling with hand tools and sawdust? And what makes someone a master craftsman, or craftswoman? In a new book, Gary Rogowski – a master furniture maker and the founder of Northwest Woodworking Studio, in Portland, Oregon – ruminates on the four decades he has spent “at the bench,” the “magic” in old tools, and the principles of mastery and creative focus, not matter what your calling happens to be.

Story by Gary Rogowski.


Craftsmanship Quarterly Presents: The Pen Shaper