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#WhereDoYouBelong started as a wandering inquiry into belonging at a catalytic moment in the San Francisco Bay Area. As it’s evolved, it’s transformed into a creative and civic investigation of place and people rooted in personal interviews, interdisciplinary practice, and public partnerships.

“The Transition” is a short film directed by Mosiah Concha and produced by 14 Black Poppies. It was created as part the #WhereDoYouBelong Project, a multimedia investigation.  Published April 2015


#WhereDoYouBelong started simply by listening to artists, neighbors, friends, and family in the Spring of 2014. As core members of 14 Black Poppies and OutLook Theater Project listened, they heard stories of displacement, brutality, and transition. These stories inspired OutLook and 14BP to find the connective tissue between these stories, to find a way to weave what was heard into a collaborative project. Through reflection, meditation, and performance, the question, “Where do you belong?” emerged, and the investigation began.

The investigation spurred action. In less than six months, over 100 interviews were collected, four short films were made, and four exhibitions of varying scope and scale were completed, including screenings, performances, and installations.

Now, #WhereDoYouBelong is a creative and civic investigation of place and people. It starts with a partnership with an existing group, community, or organization. Then, interview questions are developed that investigate an aspect of belonging relevant to the partner. Next, a simple interview booth is constructed to gather stories. The stories are then transcribed and shared with the partner. Finally, artists create works inspired by the stories.