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IAM Affiliate Alumni

Since IAM’s founding in 2000, we have proudly sponsored a wide range of non-commercial projects, producers and organizations which have successfully used art, media and culture as powerful tools for social empowerment, civil participation and community engagement.

Here are just a few of our former affiliate projects:


AA-2-01_530x330Americana Orchestra is a San Francisco-based chamber music ensemble performing music inspired by the American experience. Americana Orchestra launched in May 2013 with a sold-out performance at the Center for New Music (San Francisco), and has since produced concerts throughout northern California, including performances at the deYoung Museum, Mill Valley Public Library, Temescal Arts Center, SOMArts, San Francisco Women’s Building, and La Casa Naranja.





A core program of the Foundation for the Future of Literature and Literacy, the Bay Area Book Festival is major indoor/outdoor free literary event that takes place in downtown Berkeley on the first weekend of June each year, all day Saturday and Sunday. It presents 300 leading authors – from Northern California and around the nation and world – in nearly 150 keynotes, interviews, panels and performances, all with opportunities for the audience to interact with the authors.  In 2016, the Foundation was issued its 501(c)(3) status.






Founded in 2006, The Bay Bridged has become recognized nationwide as the leading source for San Francisco Bay Area independent music through our award-winning music blog and podcast series, as well as a series of acclaimed music festival events including the Phono del Sol Music & Food Festival and The Bay Brewed Rock & Roll Beer Festival.  In 2014, The Bay Bridged was issued its 501(c)(3) status.




ChineseWhispersChinese Whispers is an ongoing research and storytelling project about the Chinese who helped build the railroads, enterprises, and settlements of the American West. Chinese Whispers looks beyond this historical amnesia to reclaim and retell forgotten community memories, and reinvigorate cultural heritage. Our storytelling productions uncover stories that have been passed down over generations at different sites, and engages members of local communities in the retelling of their local Chinese whispers. Our research and interdisciplinary art expedition Chinese Whispers: Bay Chronicles uncovers the overlooked 100 year history of Chinese shrimp fishing around SF Bay, through sailings on a replica 19th c. shrimp junk, along with place-based public programming. A pilot production, Chinese Whispers: Sierra Stories, took place in the Sierra Nevada Foothills in 2009.




Circus Bella is a full-force, non-stop kaleidoscope of thrilling feats of balance and strength, elegance demonstrations of grace and poise, and outrageous humor of slapstick antics. The circus showcases static trapeze, rope walking, a 9-person juggling act, contortion, hula hoop, original clowning and more. Founded in 2008 by Abigail Munn and David Hunt, Circus Bella brings the magic of the open-air, single ring to audiences of all ages. The mission of Circus Bella is to create an one-ring circus that resonates with diverse audiences, engages with a broad array of community organizations, and provides a performance experience, at once both challenging and rewarding, for its artists. Circus Bella was granted 501(c)(3) status in 2016.




Hype 808 ColorFounded in 1997, Club Stride is a youth-services program that uses its Hype 808 radio program to challenge negative stereotypes in today’s youth culture. Club Stride works to reshape youth-identity narratives by developing a powerful youth voice and positive youth presence, plus resources, information, news and inspiration. Our principle purpose is to empower young leaders by providing critical resources to ensure their personal success.  Club Stride received its 501(c)(3) status in April 2016.



College-Hill-Mural_530x330The College Hill Mural Project was a central component of the College Hill Neighborhood Association‘s(The Lost Tribe of) College Hill Awareness & BeautificationProject and its mission to beautify and build awareness of the College Hill neighborhood in San Francisco. In July 2015, the San Francisco Arts Commission approved muralist Josh Talbott’s “Discovery 2” design for placement on a public building managed by the San Francisco Department of Public Works at 3600 Mission at Appleton, at the mouth of the Bernal Cut Path.




colors_of_connection-01-01Established in 2010, Colors of Connection is an organization working with youth and public arts that enables connections between people and communities through creative expression. Colors of Connection envisions a world where the arts are universally accessible and celebrated. Our mission is to nurture hope, cultivate well-being, and promote development in disadvantaged youth and societies worldwide through community-based art and through advocacy for art in education. Colors of Connection was granted 501(c)(3) status in 2016.




IMPRINT.CITY color narrowImprint.City is a San Francisco non-profit organization with a mission to cultivate urban art in order to vitalize community.  Imprint.City’s programs are dedicated to advancing art, culture and community development in urban areas while expanding professional and artistic development opportunities for urban artists.  These programs feature art creation, community events and artist development.  In 2015, Imprint.City was granted its 501(c)(3) status.




NichiBei_logoThe Nichi Bei Foundation is an educational and charitable nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting Japanese American community organizations, shedding light on community issues, and documenting the community’s history.  The Nichi Bei Foundation is the parent organization and publisher of Nichi Bei Weekly, the first ethnic nonprofit newspaper of its kind in the country.  Born in one of the worst economic climates in decades, with virtually no seed money, the pioneering rebirth of the Nichi Bei Foundation and the Nichi Bei Weekly has become one of the most inspired community movements in recent memory.  The Nichi Bei Foundation was granted its 501(c)(3) status in 2014.




NowForNow2NOW FOR NOW is a multimedia physical theater piece about embarrassing things, created and performed by theater artists Mark Jackson and Megan Trout.  Three relationships between a woman and man a generation apart – a daughter and father, a student and teacher, a romance – are explored over 40 years of life. NOW FOR NOW premiered at Z Space in San Francisco in July 2015, with a second outing in February 2016 at the Ashby Stage in Berkeley.




PolitifyIn 2012, Politify was launched as a smartphone app and civic-information tool to help users discover the financial impacts of their votes in federal elections with data-backed financial projections of political scenarios.  Politify set out to solve one of the oldest problems in democracy: which candidate best serves our individual interests?




SFPP_logoThe San Francisco Public Press is a local nonprofit, noncommercial news organization that publishes a website and quarterly newspaper.  We do for print and Web journalism what public broadcasting has done for radio and television.  In six years, we have established a reputation in the community for producing high-impact in-depth reporting projects on a wide range of topics.  Our teams of seasoned journalists explain complex local policy issues in an accessible way, investigating problems and reporting on ideas for tangible solutions.  In 2010, the San Francisco Public Press ­was awarded the SPJ Northern California Award for Excellence in Journalism and Freedom of Information Award.




SACW_logoIn the summer of 2013, a group of idealistic intersectional feminists started the Seattle Attic Community Workshop, a hackerspace in downtown Seattle.  We are a feminist, woman-centered, trans- and queer- inclusive space for tinkerers, makers, crafters and hackers of all genders.  Our goal is to offer a safe, non-intimidating environment, tools, and a supportive, friendly community to help feminist makers and hackers learn and build.  Seattle Attic Community Workshop was granted its 501(c)(3) status in December 2015.




shareable-logoShareable is an award-winning nonprofit news, action and connection hub for the sharing transformation. What’s the sharing transformation? It’s a movement of movements emerging from the grassroots up to solve today’s biggest challenges, which old, top-down institutions are failing to address. At the core of the sharing transformation is timeless wisdom updated for today – that it’s only through sharing, cooperation, and contribution to the common good that it’s possible to create lives and a world worth having.




924gilman924 Gilman is an all ages DIY nonprofit venue for music, art and community events.  Operating since 1986, 924 Gilman is a cultural landmark that continues to inspire similar spaces globally.  We are a multi-generational, volunteer-run independent collective, serving as a drug and alcohol-free safe space for young people to work cooperatively.




friendsofkusfFriends of KUSF was a volunteer organization advocate for KUSF 90.3 FM, an award-winning non-commercial educational station, broadcasting for over 33 years. Until its sale and shutdown in 2011, KUSF 90.3 FM was world renowned for broadcasting groundbreaking music as well as cultural programs aimed at the diverse San Francisco community. KUSF provided unique and irreplaceable First Amendment and civic services as a culturally diverse, community-run outlet for independent music, arts, ideas and news. Former volunteers at KUSF 90.3 FM have created an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit called San Francisco Community Radio, which is dedicated to returning community radio to the San Francisco airwaves. That organization (separate from Friends of KUSF) operates the KUSF-in-Exile Internet stream.