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14 Black Poppies

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14 Black Poppies was founded in the summer of 2011 by Jason Wyman and Margaret Bacon Schulze in an effort to find the space between arts, wellness and community and develop meaningful experiences for diverse populations that connect people to each other.  Building on over four decades of combined experience in youth development, arts education, personal artistic and spiritual practice, and organizational development, Jason and Margaret set forth to develop workshops that manifested the intersectionality of community, arts and wellness and cultivate a network of artists and healers who could contribute to the work and vision of 14 Black Poppies.

The long-term vision of 14 Black Poppies is to grow diverse arts, wellness and community practices (i.e. reflection, expression, conversation, creation) across cultures, generations, spiritualities/non-spiritualities, incomes, genders, and sexualities in an effort to connect often-disparate people to one another and cultivate creative collaborative camaraderie.

One of 14 Black Poppies latest projects is #WhereDoYouBelong.  #WhereDoYouBelong started as a wandering inquiry into belonging at a catalytic moment in the San Francisco Bay Area.  As it has evolved, its transformed into a creative and civic investigation of place and people rooted in personal interviews, interdisciplinary practice, and public partnerships.

The Transition

Produced over Fall 2014 to Spring 2015 in partnership with Spotlight on the Arts (a program of California Lawyers for the Arts), the San Francisco Youth Commission, and the San Francisco Public Library Board of Advising Youth.  The film was directed by Mosiah Concha and produced by Trayvon Smith.  It was executive produced by 14 Black Poppies through a six month arts internship program facilitated by Jason Wyman.