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14 Black Poppies presents THE ISSUE

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Check out the latest from 14 Black Poppies – a new intergenerational arts + culture magazine called The Issue with Editor-in-Chief Myah Overstreet, published by The Alliance for Media Arts + Culture.

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At the Youth Media Summit / Chicago on November 3, 2017, Editor-In-Chief Myah Overstreet (age 20) said,

“[The Issue] is very special to me because it represents everything that I’ve ever wanted to do in my life so far: tell stories and create. I believe that storytelling has the power to influence change, whether tiny or monumental. So when the opportunity came to showcase the stories and experiences of people across the nation, it felt like a dream come true.”

Centered on the theme “Dear Diary”, the first issue is deeply personal and full of differing perspectives and complex emotions. The art throughout it is meant to feel like it’s ripped out of diaries, sketch pads, or scrapbooks. It’s full of color and should catch your eye from across the room. Once you’ve picked it up, you won’t want to put it down.

Some featured content includes:

  • Izza Anwar reflects on fasting, Islamophobia, and empathy in “Beyond the Fast”.
  • Michelle Ciulla Lipkin shares how the loss of her father when she was 17 shapes her understanding and dedication to media literacy today in “Picture This”.
  • Oakley Fugate, an Open Society Fellow at Appalachian Media Institute, opens up about his love of making slasher films with Myah Overstreet in our Featured Artist spotlight.
  • Students in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Chicago bust myths about teenage apathy by sharing how they are active in their communities trying to expand the voting age to 16 for municipal elections in “If 16 Year Olds Could Vote”.