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COVID Spotlight: Code Tenderloin

Below we highlight our affiliate projects that were especially active during 2020, providing a variety of much-needed services during the height of the pandemic. 

Code Tenderloin

Code TL has been distributing health kits, warm clothing, food, and information to the community on a regular basis. We will also keep our classes running online for our students in both the Job Readiness Program and Code Ramp. They have also launched the Code Care Resource Line at (415) 787 – 3069 so that anyone in need can call us for on-demand hygiene information to keep themselves protected from contracting and spreading COVID-19.

In the spirit of openness, every week Del Seymour, Code Tenderloin founder, will be broadcasting on Facebook Live updates on the TL community, support services, and Code TL programs.

During the pandemic, we have all found new ways to support our communities, children, teachers, non-profits, small businesses, and neighbors. As a community, we innovated new tools to get through this together. At Code Tenderloin, they embraced many new tools shifting to a Code Care Resource Linevirtual classes, and expanding old tools like our Calming the Corners Pop-Up. The Calming the Corners Pop-up has been on the corners at least 3-days a week including holidays dispersing important public health information, food, and basic necessities.

They discovered that it is not only the services we offer. It is also the care with which we give to our community, residents, and visitors of the Tenderloin:

  • 😷 9,000+ masks
  • 🧴 3,000+ hand sanitizers
  • 🥡 2,500+ food packs
  • 🧑‍🏫 400+ Job Readiness sign ups
  • 📋 100+ help w/ ID card vouchers
  • 👩‍💻 100+ support filling out cal fresh apps
  • 🏨 200+ referrals to safe sleeping sites, hotels, and drug rehabs

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