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Craftsmanship Initiative

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As the importance of manual work has declined, we’ve seen an erosion of an entire culture of skills, and way of thinking, that once brought creativity, meaning, and a visceral sense of satisfaction to the everyday lives of millions. The Craftsmanship Initiative focuses on how craftsmanship’s approach to excellence can play a role in solving 21st Century challenges, and how its blend of the arts, industry, and science can provide people with opportunities to use their heads, hands, and hearts, in their work and in our culture, at large.Precious-Drops-Img3

Reshoring-4-photos-2-8252In the coming year, we have plans to expand our programs to include immersive events, scholarships, and other opportunities that blend the arts with science and industry. In the meantime, check out our online magazine Craftsmanship Quarterly where you will find dozens of original stories covering traditional artisans as well as innovators in fields such as farming, water use, and manufacturing. 

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Photos by Shawn Linehan and Todd Oppenheimer



Check out the latest issue of Craftsmanship Quarterly now!

In the Spring 2017 issue – The Art of the Word – we examine our capacity for intelligent dialogue and how we use language – to understand one another, to record history, and to define our spiritual faith. In other topics, we explore a Venetian island where fine lace is still made by hand; and, for your summer planning, offer a guide to the best craftsmanship schools and workshops.