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It’s a Wrap! Craftsmanship Magazine’s Summer Series is Complete

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Artisans of the World

As Fall arrives, Craftsmanship Magazine’s Summer issue is wrapping up. It’s now complete, with six fascinating tales of remarkable “Artisans of the World.”

Indigenous folk artistIf you’re new to the Craftsmanship community, or just catching up after summer vacation, take a look at some of these stories before the launch of the Fall issue! The Summer issue features several new short films, along with compelling new feature stories such as “Argentina’s Textile Crusader” and “Mexico’s Master Guitar Makers.” You’ll also find shorter articles on the Craftsmanship blog, and a handful of new audio stories (now available through some of the top streaming services, with more channels coming soon).

The issue finishes with some timeless stories from our Archives that fit the theme of global artisanship.


Mexican guitar maker Guillermo RubioComing soon! The Fall issue will begin to explore today’s local economic challenges through the lens of craftsmanship, looking at how reviving principles of home-grown ingenuity might improve things.


Craftsmanship Magazine is a project of IAM’s fiscally sponsored project The Craftsmanship Initiative. As the importance of manual work has declined, we’ve seen an erosion of an entire culture of skills, and way of thinking, that once brought creativity, meaning, and a visceral sense of satisfaction to the everyday lives of millions. The Craftsmanship Initiative stands for those determined to create a world built to last. We focus on how craftsmanship’s approach to excellence and its blend of the arts, industry, and science can provide people with opportunities to use their heads, hands, and hearts, in their work and in our culture at large.