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Dark Seas Documentary

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In this new documentary series, Dark Seas, our sailor, Captain Donald Lawson, embarks on a sailing adventure in which he will attempt to break a number of world records by navigating and sailing passages that have been impossible or near impossible to complete.

We will discover the history of Record Passage making and the sailors who came before Captain Lawson.

Not only will we witness Captain Lawson make history, but we will see it done in the unique way with a 100% Ecofriendly boat. Most boats use fossil fueled boats to power their systems, Captain Lawson will utilize Solar, Wind, and Hydro systems to power his boat into the history books.

By targeting historical records, we can gain the type of footage that people love to watch with big storms, high winds, danger, damage, and stress. But we also have the freedom to educate the public on the history of these routes (i.e. Clipper Ships).