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Double Union

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Double Union logoDouble Union is a San Francisco-based hacker + maker space for women to work on their projects, whether they’re coding, sewing, soldering, making zines, screenprinting or using power tools. We’re supporting a culture where we don’t just make awesome stuff – we also ask questions, break things and feel confused sometimes. We are intersectional feminists, women-centered, and queer- and trans-inclusive. As women fight for equality in the tech sector, the sciences, and the arts, spaces like Double Union are especially important – but, unfortunately, are rare.

DU Solder PicDouble Union was founded in 2013 to provide a safe community workshop for women. We’ve grown a lot in the past two years, with now over 180 members and more tools, supplies and events than ever. Members use the space every day and host workshops & events multiple times a week. In 2016, Double Union moved to a new location in the Portero Hill neighborhood, not far from San Francisco’s growing Dogpatch. It’s much larger, fully ADA compliant, and its industrial location allows us to work on bigger, noisier projects.

Double Union calls itself a hacker / maker space, because our mission is to create a space where women can feel equally comfortable knitting, coding, drawing, or using power tools and no one feels pressure to prove they belong here. We’re creating a culture where we don’t just make awesome stuff – we also ask questions, feel confused sometimes, and break things. Another value we hold at Double Union is the idea that clearly defined structures and boundaries help create safer spaces. We have a shared anti-harassment policy and a list of base assumptions for members.