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Support the IAM Emergency Recovery Fund

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Independent Arts & Media is proud to announce the launch of a new Emergency Recovery Fund

The purpose of this Emergency Recovery Fund is to support artists and media producers whose work advances IAM’s charitable purpose and who have been adversely impacted by disasters or emergency hardship.

As one of the Fund’s inaugural campaigns, IAM will use monies raised to fund grants to directly support artists adversely impacted by the August 9, 2019 fire at the m0xy arts facility in Oakland, California (KQED, Aug. 15, 2019). M0xy has been a fiscally sponsored project of IAM’s since its inception in 2015 as well as IAM’s branch office in Oakland since 2017.

Use the PLEASE MAKE A DONATION button on this webpage to specifically donate to the Emergency Recovery Fund

Here is a statement from the m0xy team about the August 9th fire:

M0xy is one of the last large, industrial spaces in Oakland where fabricators and artists can carry on their trades and professions. About one third of the facility was damaged by the fire.
We are deeply relieved that no one was injured in the fire on August 9, 2019. We thank the Oakland Fire Department and Oakland Police Department for their rapid, professional response.
The loss of so much of the facility will have a profound effect on many of our tenants. Our hearts go out to those people who lost their shops and work, and we ask everyone to support them. The building itself was a large industrial facility used solely for art and fabrication; no one was allowed to live in the building and there were strict rules regarding fire hazards. The cause of the fire is unknown at this point.

Please consider giving to the IAM Emergency Recovery Fund today!

While a donor may request (but not direct) that their donation benefit victims of a specific disaster or emergency, a donor to the Emergency Recovery Fund may not identify a specific individual recipient for their donation.  All donor requests will be considered but will not be legally binding on IAM in order to preserve the donor’s option to take a charitable contribution deduction for this donation.  Donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

To the extent possible, IAM will work with artists and media producers from the impacted community to determine a fair and equitable criteria for distributing grants from the Emergency Recovery Fund.  IAM is currently working collaboratively with the m0xy team and the individual artists impacted by the fire to determine a criteria for distribution of monies raised through the IAM Emergency Recovery Fund.

IAM will retain a 10% administrative fee for all donations received by the Emergency Recovery Fund to cover IAM general expenses, including but not limited to expenses related to administration of the Fund.

Please contact IAM directly should you have any questions relating to the Emergency Recovery Fund, possible campaigns for the Fund, or distribution criteria for monies with the Fund.