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Mystic Midway presents Goldfire Rising!

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MM-Goldfire Rising PosterIn 2017, Mystic Midway presents the theme GOLDFIRE RISING, a celebration of the ‘Spirit Communitas and the wisdom embedded in the Founding Fathers’ motto – ‘E.PLURIBUS UNUM’ ( ‘from many, one’).

MysticMidwayville2017-02Inspired in part by San Francisco’s celebration of The 50th Anniversary of The Summer of Love (which just so happens to fall on a year of great turmoil and uncertainty), GOLDFIRE RISING is an invitation to explore both the value of the ‘communal self’ and the unique role each of us can play as Champions of the ‘polis’ (social commons).

Through immersive spectacle, engaging entertainment and meaningful inquiry, we pose questions and find solutions into what generates community spirit (THE GOLDFIRE) and altruistic social behavior.

Our playful experiences, which celebrate ‘commonality equal to diversity’, offer a direct understanding of the value authenticity, participation and accountability play in maintaining the GOLDFIRE found in healthy, vibrant communities.

This year, the Mystic Midway Arts Collective will:

  • Host events that bring diverse communities together through structured artistic play that explore topics such as creative identity, communal self, collective intelligence and creative currency

  • Host engaging conversations and social games that model an abundant society, including a creative GOLDFIRE currency based on ‘shared stories’ and altruism

  • Embrace the power of creative expression and collaboration as vehicles of LEARNING, POSSIBILITY, TRANSFORMATION & HOPE

MysticMidwayville2017-01For years, Mystic Midway has provided a playful forum for thousands of participants to explore how they might contribute to leading more mutually supportive, meaningfully engaged, and amazing lives.

Goldfire Rising will take these experiences to the next level, in our collective pursuit of RAISING THE GOLDFIRE in communities everywhere.

Mystic Midway and MIDWAYVILLE secrets revealed at the 2017 UX WEEK conference. BEHOLD the talk and slide show detailing how the Mystic Midway put on a wonderful immersive theater event for the Keepers of the UX!