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The mission of Mpowerdance Project is to challenge the dominant human-centric view of our place in the natural world, using the interdisciplinary and interactive mediums of dance, art, film and performance. With skill, research, memory, and experience, we deliver an encounter that resonates with the wonders found in the wild, exploring the mystery of unity in diversity.

Mpowerdance Project and collaborators entertain, enrich, inspire, and connect diverse audiences, both locally in San Francisco and globally through the Global Dance Project (GDP), an annual choreographic offering.

Through film and screendance, the Global Dance Project (GDP), an annual virtual and global choreographic project started in 2012, seeks to expand collaborative experience with communities across the planet.


GDP launched evaWAVE as the first stage production of “Dance Echo In Reverse” on October 17th & 18, 2015 at NOHspace Theater in San Francisco.

Mpowerdance Project is currently developing its 2018 GDP project Move with Dual Harmonics.