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Mystic Midway

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An ongoing transmedia project, the Mystic Midway is a community of artists, technologists, performers and cultural visionaries who create immersive entertainment experiences that engage participants in a way that is designed to bring out the best in them as individuals and communities. Mystic Midway experiences blend participatory spectacle, theatrical content, social gaming, and cross-genre performances. Mystic Midway has been featured at Burning Man’s Carnival of Mirrors Festival, the Life is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas, the San Francisco and Los Angeles Edwardian Balls, as well as a variety of street fairs, public spaces, social gatherings and private parties.


In 2017, the Mystic Midway is launching GOLDFIRE RISING.

Inspired in part by San Francisco’s celebration of The 50th Anniversary of The Summer of Love (which just so happens to fall on a year of great turmoil and uncertainty), GOLDFIRE RISING is an invitation to explore both the value of the ‘communal self’ and the unique role each of us can play as Champions of the ‘polis’ (social commons).

MysticMidwayville2017-02Through immersive spectacle, engaging entertainment and meaningful inquiry, we pose questions and find solutions into what generates community spirit (the GOLDFIRE) and altruistic social behavior.

Our playful experiences, which celebrate ‘commonality equal to diversity’, offer a direct understanding of the value authenticity, participation and accountability play in maintaining the GOLDFIRE found in healthy, vibrant communities.

Co-founders Barron Scott Levkoff & Marty Caplan discussing the creative process behind Mystic Midway and the Midwayville at the 2017 UX Week:

 The Mystic Midway at 2014 Edwardian Ball, San Francisco – Music: March of the Modern Pagans by Rosin Coven