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November In My Soul

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Welcome to our podcast, November In My Soul. In each episode we’ll take you on a deeply-reported journey into mental illness, confinement and liberty in California — and show you that healing is possible. Our preview episode brings you to Siskiyou County, where rural expanses pose challenges of their own. There’s a saying in this remote county that abuts the Oregon border — that geography is destiny. And for Marlene Baker it was. To get the help she needed, she had to commit a crime. Not just any crime, but a felony. But stick with us, and you’ll discover what can happen when public defenders, prosecutors, judges and mental health officials collaborate to try to break the cycle of mental illness and incarceration. Spoiler alert: It’s good news for Marlene.


Project co-directors: Lee Romney and Jenny Johnson.
Editor/Engineer: Gabe Grabin
This episode includes musical compositions by Blue Dot Sessions (in order): Lowbrow, When in the West, November Mist, Watermarks, Turning to You, Arch, Reptile Theme, Indirect, The Answer, The Nocturne — Eleven, A Calendar Spread, Building the Sled, Step In Step Out, Dropped Ticket. They come from the following albums: Landsman Duets, Crab Shack, Simple Machines, Reptile, Intent, The Nocturne, Resolute.