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Pride Games & King Of Beasts Film

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Pride Games strives to raise public awareness to the sport of trophy hunting by American hunter’s and the effects that it is having on the wild lion populations in Africa.

Through our documentary film – King Of Beasts: The Story Of Lion Trophy Hunting – we aim to raise the public’s consciousness by making them aware of what lion trophy hunting is and the irreparable damage it is causing these magnificent animals.  We want to show people that there are alternatives such as planning for large photographic safari parks where the lions can thrive and money can be made with these business models.  The project’s basic goal is to make individuals aware of the issues, show them what is at stake, and present them with ways to get involved to effect change.

Announced in 2016, here is a teaser from the upcoming documentary film King Of Beasts: The Story Of Lion Trophy Hunting, which explores the contentious nature behind the “sport” that became a flashpoint after the killing of Cecil the Lion in 2015. Directed by Nadav Harel and Tomer Almagor, the pic profiles an American hunter’s tenacious pursuit of his 14th lion trophy as well as activists who seek to secure the species’ survival beyond this threatened generation. It also unveils the inner working of an economy that relies on the revenue stream provided by the hunters. “He’s not Simba,” the hunter says. “He kills. That’s how he survives, and that’s all he knows.” The complexity of this issue throws into stark relief the question of where savagery truly lies – and who is the King of Beasts.

Warning: Contains graphic content