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Shaping San Francisco’s Fall 2019 Calendar is here!

Excerpt image from Fall Calender
Please Make a Donation

Shaping San Francisco logoShaping San Francisco is a participatory community history project documenting and archiving overlooked stories and memories of San Francisco. We are committed to defining a new kind of public space, specifically around a shared interest in our interrelated social histories.

Public events include social, historical, and critical tours throughout San Francisco and public talks held at the Eric Quezada Center for Culture and Politics (518 Valencia Street, near 16th Street) in San Francisco.

Shaping San Francisco’s Public Talks are FREE (donations appreciated).

The public talks are meant to:

  • serve as an antidote to historical amnesia,
  • change the climate of critical discussion in SF, and
  • create a place to meet and talk unmediated by corporations, official spokespeople, religion, political parties, or dogma

Public talks are partly underwritten by City Lights Foundation, Rainbow Grocery Cooperative, and The Seed Fund.

Check out the archive of recorded Public Talks going back to 2006.

Bike Tour LogoShaping San Francisco’s social, historical, and critical tours are conducted through the urban landscape by foot and by bicycle. Cycles of History place you in the context of the layers of history that helped shape what we see today, asking the question: How did it get like this? Join Shaping San Francisco guides for an entirely different look at the City you know.

RSVP to [email protected]

A $20-50 sliding scale donation is requested for Cycles of History Bicycle Tours, and $20-$30 for Walking Tours (but we are flexible and you can pay less – or more! – as you see fit).  All funds will benefit Shaping San Francisco.

Need to Rent a Bike? Go to Pier 40 to the Bike Hut!