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SonicSF is a new breed of radio show that takes its humor and narrative tendencies from pop culture and its editorial standards from public broadcasting to deliver an addictively entertaining and thought-provoking series.  We’ve coined the term “reality news” to describe our unflinching, up-close and personal style.  You’ll find no traditional rehashing of who, what, when and where on our airwaves; instead of reading to you from a script, we’re embedded in the city.  SonicSF is real people, intrigued, surprised, and immersed this ever-evolving metropolis.  We believe small moments can be revelatory. We carry our unique experiences and perspectives with us into the newsroom to deliver factual information in a way that is both personal to us and relatable to a new generation of listeners.  Storytelling is a shared experience – welcome to SonicSF.

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