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Women’s Film Institute

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The Women’s Film Institute – now known as WFILM – was conceived and founded in 2005 by filmmaker, media arts activist and community educator Scarlett Shepard.  Shepard’s goal was to build upon the success of the San Francisco International Women’s Film Festival (founded in 2004) and it’s mission of supporting, promoting and celebrating films directed by women as art and education and expanding its programming year-round.  The institute supports its mission by presenting the annual San Francisco International Women’s Film Festival, Generation HERstory filmmaking training program for young women (ages 12-19), and a variety of film screenings and educational programs.


The Women’s Film Institute is committed to:

  • Providing and increasing exhibition opportunities for female film directors to showcase their talent and work to a wider audience.
  • Offering free to low-cost screenings, events, workshops, and educational programs to the community led by community activists, professors, and notable figures in the world of film.
  • Providing free to low-cost film training, mentoring and professional development programs for girls and women.