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Yefe Nof Residency


The Yefe Nof Residency (YNR) is intended to cultivate a generative dialogue between ideas through multi-week residencies near Lake Arrowhead, California. Writers, researchers, and designers compete to be selected for five annual sessions where they are given six weeks to finish projects that stimulate creative approaches to imagining solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. Once the final products are released into the world they are collected at the house and build upon each other in an evolving idea network. In this way, future residents work through an augmented lens and have the opportunity to become multidisciplinary performers capable of influencing each other as they theoretically redesign their arguments.

YefeNof SignThe results will often yield arts and media productions like the one our inaugural resident is currently working on: a feature-length screenplay to be shot on location in Nepal in the summer of 2016. This project aims to promote the casting of Asians and Asian-Americans in the U.S. film industry and to test an innovative model for stimulating humanitarian assistance in countries affected by natural disaster.

The application for a six-week residency is exactly the same for Writers, Researchers, and Designers. Interviews follow in all cases. Residency sessions are:

FEB: February 1 – March 14

JUNE: June 1 – July 15

SEPT: September 1 – October 15

NOV: November 1 – December 13

In 2017 in collaboration with The 1888 Center, YNR launched the California Writing Residency. California writers from the coast and valleys to the forests and deserts are invited to apply for three two-week residencies in the mountains of Lake Arrowhead where the creative environment will nurture your craft and help carry on the tradition of the California voice. The California Writing Residency will take place during the APRIL session.