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Could Co-Ops Solve Income Inequality?

In the heart of Spain’s Basque country, the Mondragon Corporation—the world’s largest worker-owned co-operative business enterprise—has thrived, despite significant setbacks, for half...
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What’s Killing the Creative Community and What can we do to Fix it ?

MYSTIC MIDWAY hosts an important discussion of the Bay Area Arts environment post Ghost Ship fire at THE BATTERY SF.   Panel...
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Dark Seas Documentary

Dark Seas is a documentary series that takes us into the world of open ocean sailing, its beauty, history and dangers. Captain...
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Seeds of Resistance

Seeds of Resistance is an investigative project intended to produce and disseminate further information about the implications of consolidation in the seed...
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The Frisc

The Frisc has been publishing news, analysis, and information about San Francisco since 2017. We are a new voice, focusing exclusively and intensely...
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“I Identify as Me” Documentary

The I Identify as Me documentary and photography series celebrates queer-trans people of color (QTPOC) who identify as masculine of center (MoC) or gender...
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Howard Zinn Book Fair

An Annual Celebration of People’s History, Past, Present and Future. The Howard Zinn Book Fair is an annual festival of books and...
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IAM ampersand


Amped “trains creators to tell their stories through digital media and produces educational audio content for listeners of all ages.” Amped’s vision...
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On Teaching

On Teaching is a journalism and oral history project produced by The Atlantic that will collect and synthesize insights from a diverse...
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Tales from North Beach

Tales of North Beach is motivated by our desire to document the stories of aging, forgotten, and hidden institutions of North Beach...
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