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Community Engagement

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Mixed People’s History

The aim of Mixed People’s History is to bring visibility to Multiracial & Interethnic communities and our experiences by community building through...
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Herlong’s Brown Goods Museum

Based in downtown Summerton, South Carolina, Herlong’s Brown Goods Museum will offer visitors, local students, researchers, and the general public an opportunity...
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Help Artists Stay Home Relief Fund

H*A*S*H (Help Artists Stay Home) Relief Fund was originally founded under the name “Bay Area Performers” by artists Jordan Bontrgaer and Edna...
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Culturally Responsive Arts Integration Resource Development Project

SUPPORT Research in Educational Equity and Racial Equity in the Arts by contributing to Culturally Responsive Arts Integration Resource Development (CRAIRD). Led...
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Youth UnMuted

Youth UnMuted facilitates pop-up creative storytelling and art workshops with displaced youth, increasing resilience and building peer-to-peer support networks. Founded by Daphne...
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Corwin Creative

The Corwin Creative Project serves to strengthen the non-profit sector through capacity building in story development, presentation coaching, design, event and media...
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Howard Zinn Book Fair

An Annual Celebration of People’s History, Past, Present and Future. The Howard Zinn Book Fair is an annual festival of books and...
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Tales from North Beach

Tales of North Beach is motivated by our desire to document the stories of aging, forgotten, and hidden institutions of North Beach...
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Art Forces

Art Forces, formed in 2001, moves from the local to the global, from the streets of San Francisco Bay Area to Olympia...
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Chico Independent Film Festival

The Chico Independent Film Festival seeks to support and develop the growth of independent filmmaking throughout California. CIFF’s mission statement is to...
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