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BALONEY tells the surprising story of San Francisco’s beloved Gay All-Male Revue of the same name, which has been delighting audiences in...
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Show and Tell

Show and Tell is a short film and educational project with a mission to encourage children to embrace their culture. The “Show...
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Ace in the Hole

Ace in the Hole is a documentary that explores the significance of fringe communities in our society through the lens of Ace...
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Dark Seas Documentary

In this new documentary series, Dark Seas, our sailor, Captain Donald Lawson, embarks on a sailing adventure in which he will attempt...
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Chico Independent Film Festival

The Chico Independent Film Festival seeks to support and develop the growth of independent filmmaking throughout California. CIFF’s mission statement is to...
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Surviving the Silence

In 1992, Colonel Patsy Thompson was a decorated Army nurse, only two years away from retirement. She was asked to preside over...
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H​AXAN Film Festival

HÄXÄN Festival is a Bay Area film festival focusing on local filmmakers exploring psychic and mystic connections through experiments in video and...
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IAM ampersand

In-Between Places

The overall mission of the In-Between Places documentary and accompanying community engagement activities is to raise awareness of, and contribute to public conversations...
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When You Were Young

If this hadn’t happened to me, who would I be? When You Were Young is a documentary film by Tracey Quezada Productions....
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Coexistence Initiative & White Shark Video

Coexistence Initiative:  Turning research into film, because let’s face it, you’re not going to read research papers. With projects like Watching Humans...
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