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November In My Soul

November In My Soul is a narrative podcast-in-production that looks at California’s relationship to mental illness and loss of liberty through a...
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The New Modality

Experiments in Culture The New Modality is a new publication and community about experiments in culture, founded in late 2019.  We explore...
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The Frisc

The Frisc has been publishing news, analysis, and information about San Francisco since 2017. We are a new voice, focusing exclusively and intensely...
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Tree Dreams logo

Tree Dreams Tree Tagging Campaign

Tree Dreams: Seeding the World with Dreams of Interconnection, One Tag at a Time The Tree Dreams Tree Tagging Campaign seeks to...
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Craftsmanship Initiative

As the importance of manual work has declined, we’ve seen an erosion of an entire culture of skills, and a way of...
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New Brunswick Today

New Brunswick Today is a free hyperlocal, bilingual, independent newspaper with the goal of informing and educating the public of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Our...
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The Learned Fangirl

A Critical Look at Pop Culture and Technology The Learned Fangirl is committed to highlighting and nurturing under-reported writing focused on media,...
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The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt is a community-supported online news journal. Every single day, newsworthy events take place worldwide that affect the Pagan, Heathen, &...
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Watershed Media Project

Watershed Media Project is a new initiative to research and develop grassroots funding, production and promotional models for independent, public-interest journalism and...
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