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Visual Arts

Art Forces

Art Forces, formed in 2001, moves from the local to the global, from the streets of San Francisco Bay Area to Olympia...
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Trash Wheel SF Bay

Cleaning Up the Bay for Future Generations Trash Wheel SF Bay is not only an art installation, but a solar-powered innovation hailed...
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Friends of the Sunnyvale Pottery Studio

The Friends of the Sunnyvale Pottery Studio is a community group of volunteers formed to support and extend the reach of the...
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Clarion Alley Mural Project

Clarion Alley Mural Project is dedicated to supporting and producing socially engaged and aesthetically innovative public art as a grassroots community-based, artist-run...
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Project Luz

Project Luz seeks to inspire and empower youth living in communities throughout Mexico and California.  With the help of dedicated volunteers, Project...
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Support for Intertribal Gatherings

Support for Intertribal Gatherings produces cultural events, engages in ceremonies, and organizes to restore indigenous culture in San Francisco. The Ohlone are...
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M0xy is more than an art studio or a gallery space, M0xy is an Arts Incubator.  As the Bay Area evolves, studio...
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Double Union

Double Union is a San Francisco-based hacker + maker space for women to work on their projects, whether they’re coding, sewing, soldering,...
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