Show & Tell

Show and Tell is a short film and educational project with a mission to encourage children to embrace their culture.

The “Show and Tell” short film follows the story of a Native American 2nd grader who wants to share his hand drum in class; however, some of his classmates think his drum is weird because it looks different compared to other toys and bully him for his Cree heritage. This 2nd grader then decides to borrow his best friend’s toys in hoping he could better connect with his classmates. These toys include action figures, legos, and so on that resemble “modern American” culture.

This short narrative will explore deeper truths about America’s oppression towards Native American culture through children’s toys. We encourage children to embrace their heritage, open their awareness about others, and value their self-identity. These are a few common issues that many young children face in school. Once the short film is completed by December 2020, it will be used as an educational tool to share our message through private screenings and youth outreach.


Show & Tell Logo Image

Logo designed by Nicole Nguyen