The Last Bugle



The Last Bugle is a web series based on the historical US Army 442nd Regimental Combat Team that served in WW2. The 100th Battalion (Hawaiian), 442nd RCT, and the MIS were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal in 2010 by President Obama. This will be the first web series on the 442nd and one of the few involving Asian Americans.

Some of the episodes will include characters: African American, English, Indian, Brazilian, and Italian. The Italian front was fought by the Allied multinational armies against the Nazi (German) forces. Many of the men of the 442nd were born in Hawaii the rest were primarily from the West Coast of the US.

The web series was inspired by the 1960's television series "Combat" and Steven Spielberg's film "Saving Private Ryan".  The web series will follow a fictional platoon of Japanese American soldiers through the Italian campaign 1944-1945. A web series is like a television series on the internet with short episodes. The pilot episode has been released below on Vimeo.