The Mujerista

Photo of young woman in white t-shirt that reads The MujeristaThe Mujerista is a digital media publication and network dedicated to empowering and celebrating the next generation of Latinas making an impact in our culture. There are over 28 million Latinas living in the United States. Latinas are purpose-driven consumers and seek to engage with brands and media that speak to our multilingual, ambi-cultural identities, amplify our values, and utilize their platform for meaningful social causes.

However, today’s media landscape is limited and not representative of the millennial Latina generation. They showcase a narrow, singular view of what it means to be a Latina or who is a Latina. The Mujerista gives Latinas of all backgrounds a voice against this backdrop. Through our media publication and digital network, The Mujerista provides a platform for Latinas to tell their authentic stories and foster connection with one another.