Sara Felder Projects

Sara Felder Projects brings circus skills, humor, personal narrative, and a Jewish queer sensibility to create theater that exposes questions about history and social justice:

Over the last 30+ years, I have created a body of work that juggles personal narrative, social justice, and circus shtik. While my themes are serious, my form is comic, engaging, and vaudevillian. Growing up Jewish in Brooklyn I learned that if you want people to listen to you, you’d better be entertaining. My vision as an artist is to work with the interactions between my personal experience, the urgency of my moment in history, and my comedic and circus skills. Out of that mix, I strive to create delightful and provocative theater.

While I also have written multi-actor plays, it is my solo plays that have brought me the most renown. June Bride, about a traditional Jewish lesbian wedding, toured 40 venues at a time before same-sex marriage was headline news, and started/continued the conversation in many areas. Shtik! addressed a queer American Judaism; Out of Sight spoke to family loyalties and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; Melancholy, A Comedy discussed Abraham Lincoln’s bouts with depression; A Queer Divine Dissatisfaction was a meditation on grief and ballet. These plays, with significant social content, speak to my overall mission of bringing together audiences of different stripes and opinions to think, discuss and laugh.

Photo Credit: Peter Rosos